Daniƫl Konings

Graphics Programmer

Hello there! Welcome to my portfolio.
I’m a programmer currently studying for my bachelor degree in Creative Media & Game Technologies at Breda University.

I specialize in graphics programming, which you can find multiple examples of on this website. Feel free to take a look around!


Demo Reel


Weapons of choice

Languages Tools SDKs
C++ Unity Engine DirectX 9
C Visual Studio DirectX 11
C# CMake OpenGL
JavaScript Adobe Photoshop Qt
Lua Git PlayStation 4
HLSL Perforce wxWidgets
GLSL Miscrosoft Office WinForms
HTML/CSS QtCreator Google’s V8
CLion duktape

Furthermore I’m capable of working in team environments using Scrum to deliver cross-platform, industry-standard products.

Another valuable asset that I posses — especially as a graphics programmer — is some form of visual knowledge on the art-side of things. This helps me create proper visual presentations with nice colors, composition and feel programmatically.