Daniël Konings

Game Developer


Renowned Explorers: International Society

(2014 - 2015) Abbey Games

During my internship at Abbey Games I've participated in the creation of Renowned Explorers: International Society, or simply RE:IS for short.

During this project I worked on Voronoi diagram generation from a given set of points. This lead to a data structure usable for map generation.
Furthermore I worked on a tool in Qt so that the artists could edit the properties of a prop easily. I also worked on the system that placed these props around accordingly depending on their size, their height and their type.
Last but not least I did some visual effects, user interface related work, animations and a lot of different little features which lead to a very satisfying end-product!


(2014 - Present) Personal

Snuffbox is my very own engine that runs in C++, interpreting Google Chrome's V8. The engine renders everything using DirectX 11 and has a decent list of features. You can create full fetched games with it, including visual effects, audio and user interfaces. All of this is usuable in both 2D and 3D.

Almost all of my personal games are made in Snuffbox, this way I can also find out if I'm missing any functionality within the engine and add those features accordingly.

Currently I'm upgrading Snuffbox to be a bit more user friendly, cross-platform, multi-threaded and use both DirectX and OpenGL.

A list of features include:
  • Gameplay code can be done in JavaScript, very fast for prototyping/game jams
  • Most content is hot reloadable, a list of content includes;
    • Textures
    • Scripts
    • Models
    • Shaders
    • Particle effects
    • Animation data
  • Text rendering using FreeType
  • Audio using FMOD
  • FBX loading with the Autodesk FBX SDK
  • Both deferred and forward rendering
  • Lighting using default shaders
  • Particle effects

Terrain Editor

(2015) SiNTLUCAS Eindhoven

For the graduation project of my education at the SiNTLUCAS in Eindhoven, we were creating a game with a large open world. To make the life of our artist easier, I've created a terrain editor within Snuffbox with lots of different functionality to edit the terrain.

It included a toolset for:
  • Upping/lowering terrain
  • Smoothing terrain
  • Flattening terrain
  • Painting textures onto the terrain with custom provided brushes
  • Placing props around and rotating them
The eventual project was however very unfinished and the terrain editor was the biggest feature of it all. However, seeing this was my responsiblity I'm very happy with the result. All of this was made in Snuffbox.

Dwarves & Goblins

(2014) Ludum Dare 29, 'Beneath The Surface'

The first Ludum Dare I've participated in. This was made in the PixiJS framework.

We as a team of 3 created Dwarves & Goblins. A fun arcade-like, infinite wave, hack 'n slash game where you slap goblins to dust using a giant hammer. Well, not as in smashing the goblins themselves, but rather by sending tremors through the ground from the surface. This way you protect your miners who are working beneath the surface. However, if you shake things up too much your mine collapses and you still lose the game.

Dwindling Fire

(2014) Ludum Dare 31, 'Entire Game on One Screen'

Our second Ludum Dare and also Snuffbox's debut for a game uploaded to the public. During this project I already had more of an understanding of the rendering pipeline and how to achieve certain effects.

We made a game in which you have to fight the enemies of nature to survive on a cold mountain top. However; this is not your only enemy, as you have to survive the darkness that gathers around you also. You do so by placing torches around and making sure you always have some form of light. The weather tries to stop you also; so be careful!

Angler Cell

(2015) Ludum Dare 32, 'An Unconventional Weapon'

Probably our worst Ludum Dare gameplay wise, but definitely top-notch graphics wise!

We learned a lot from this Ludum Dare, because we weren't very careful and never took optimisation into account while testing the game on high end systems. When we went lower end, the game was unplayable due to lag. We stripped it down entirely and scrapped the whole idea, all in the last few hours. Nevertheless; the game reached a whopping 8th place in graphics! Using post-processing, normal shader effects and parallax scrolling, we made a game with a lot of eye candy. Again, this game was created in Snuffbox.

Cosmo Hopper

(2015) Ludum Dare 34, 'Growing'

This was our first Unity entry.

Cosmo Hopper is a game in which you collect resources through space and return them to your home planet to make it grow. We played around a lot with getting the physics right and tried to make the game as enjoyable as possible. The balance wasn't great; but atleast we made a fun space exploration game that felt really atmospheric.

Gauntlet Clone

(2015) NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda

For the first block of year 1 on the NHTV, we had to create a clone of the arcade classic Gauntlet. Seeing I really like challenging myself I stepped it up a bit and tried to make it more according to 2015 standards. So instead of just creating Gauntlet, I've also incorporated elements of the game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. On top of that I made the game smoother and gave it random dungeon generation.

Firefly: From Past To Present

(2015) Abbey Games

While not for Abbey Games itself, as a tribute to my time there I went on and made a game for them. This was to show my appreciation for everything I've learned there. What better way would there be to remake a game I had on my portfolio when I first started the internship?

I remade Firefly, it was a narrative game in which you could just walk into a single direction and some text would display on screen. This had the black and white 'colour' scheme of Limbo, but with even more contrast. For this version I really went for the Limbo feel and look and made a story based on my time at Abbey Games.